Colinton Castle is a member run squash and racketball club in South-West Edinburgh

We run many team, individual competitions and leagues as well as club nights for players of all abilities and all ages

For juniors we run group coaching on a Saturday morning, and one on one sessions for advancing players

Our beginners sessions for all ages on a Tuesday allow new players to improve their skills

The Club has 2 glass-backed and 4 standard courts with viewing galleries, as well as a gym, bar and function room

New members are welcome to try the club out on a Sunday or Tuesday night – just contact us through the join link above

Wednesday night saw us head down the A7 to Galashiels with Jackie Stewart at the wheel with his wet set of tyres for the rainy hear of yet another injury for Mr Grant who assures us he will soon be issuing his memoirs of his history at the top of the squash game over the last 40 odd years with most of the chapters involving his long list of injuries. His latest injury was away from the courts and suffered in the living room painting the old skirting boards......really Colin you should know by now that old age pensioners should not be let loose anywhere near DIY !! Not sure if it was repetitive strain injury holding the paint brush or back injury bending over......but Colin showed his bravery for the team by still turning out tonight and deliver an important victory and according to Colin his only victory of the season.

Colin did not start off well though, and having the misfortune of having to mark his match, debatable if he actually turned up until the third game when he finally played some shots that resembled squash. Colin did dig in and managed to come through 3-1 in the end. I still find it strange that santa never comes down chimney at Xmas time with a sweatband for Colin as his poor opponent had to spend most of match dodging the drops of sweat all around the serving box.....there you are Colin instead of asking for a crate of beer from the big fat bearded scary fella this Xmas do us all a favour and ask for a sweatband.

Mike played really well in totally convincing 3-0 win leaving him plenty time to fret over rest of team in hope solid victory could keep us on toad to p....r...o.....m....o....t....i...o...n (I find it difficult to put all those letters together). Before the night was out Mike was happy enough as victory next week should see Capitano a happy man and paying for all the drinks at end of season curry night.

I arrived at Galashiels with wee smile at the freezing cold court conditions ideal for my drop shot game and my opponent Luis refusing to read any of them and grumpy at the lack of rallies. Hey ho as I always say why not win 3-0 and retire to bar for a can of beer asap instead of all the nonsense of long rallies and tiring squash. Within my match I managed to take a tumble losing my racket as well as my bruised pride and a bruised finger.(luckily plenty fat came in useful to cushion the blow).....all for the team Capitano as I continued through the pain barrier to cheer up Mike. I could not even blame slipping on the court on Mr Grant as all his sweat was on the other court.

At number one, Eric - half a bee -(Monty Python 1972 for those too young) appeared to be farting against thunder against an impressive opponent. No shame in losing 3-0 against this geordie policeman - probably not a good idea beating a member of the constabulary anyway.

Mr Vincenti made a late entrance, but totally understandable coming via hospital visit, and although tried to stick in, his A game did not come down the A7, going down 3-1 to a young fit opponent leaving poor Kevin blowing out his backside most of the time.

With all our injuries Mike may find it hard to find a team for our final match at home next week but I think we will manage to get five bruised (that is me) and tired bodies out for the last hurrah in the season - after which more important things will have to be sorted i.e. end of season curry night.....
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CCS5 v Dean 2 - 10/3/17

After capitano trying his best to get some loan signings for the big match against Dean there was no sign of Messi, Ronaldo, Federer, Nadal, or Janshar Khan, ........even Benny from Crossroads turned us down. But fear not young Graham Hill stepped into the breach to help us out .......thank you Graham, appreciated big time - and he came cheaper with Graham happy to accept vegetarian pizza, chocolate biscuits and can of iron bru - yes you can keep your primadonnas with all their agents and signing on fees.

Young Graham at number five had it tough against Dave who had been round the block a few times. Experience told with Graham fighting gamely but ultimately going down 3-0. Graham advised heading to Aberdeen university soon for legal degree so our attempts for infusion of youth next year looks to be thwarted - but might be handy to keep in touch with Graham if any of us are going to be up before beak in the future.

Mike was at four and sped into a 2-0 lead before blowing out his arse as legs went big time and crashed to defeat in five. Even had the double whammy of his opponent trying to improve his looks by crashing his racket into his nose and me giving a stroke against him for having the cheek to get his nose in the way of the racket. His opponent was such a good retriever think he should have been down at Crufts this weekend with poor Mike getting totally frustrated come the end of the match.

I was at three and not looking forward to playing another young kid recently out of uni - especially considering it took me until Monday to recover from last Friday's match. I played well and was competitive for first two games but fitness told and finally went down 3-1. It was particularly depressing to see him get to all my best drop shots and any long rally leaving me breathless and using any time wasting tactic in the book to buy me time - in fact think I needed some of the weird and wonderful shotmaking of our Stuart Keane as my opponent ran down all my shots.

Young Kevin Keane was at two, and as he reminded me afterwards, was our only winner, but I think must have been down to age difference as probably some twenty years between them. All that dedication to training must be paying off ...that is training at fitba rather than squash. He took great delight in showing his you tube footage of his latest goal for Prestonpans or Haddington, I cannot remember which team he plays for as he changes that often. But apparently he knows his way round a football pitch though I would disagree by the number of teams that have discarded him, but he does know his way round a tub of hair gel though!

The result of capitano correspondence with league secretary but apparently Mike does not call him that - meant poor Derek arrived at club thinking he was playing four and ended up being ordered to play number one. Sacrificial lamb came into our thoughts...Derek put up fight but ultimately was peeing against the wind and went down 3-0. In fact game was over that quick that Derek was away almost before he arrived.....away to some party though I think was away to pub to party the night away watching Leith triumph at Tannadeechie!

Well capitano I think you have heard of the saying ....busted pumping tonight must now see our promotion hopes in tatters. Especially as our ever lengthening injury crisis continues with Adam good leg away to get a rub down with the sporting life - personally I did not know that he had a good leg as thought both were as bad as each other.

It is a free week next week so you will have a rest from my ramblings and it is passports at the ready as we head for the border reivers in the rugby country of Galashiels the following week - if Mike is still needing a loan signing perhaps he can look to Andy Irvine, Gavin Hastings or John Rutherford.
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